Here you will find a list of real terstimonials from real customers of Griffiths Detailing!

Dave (Liverpool)

I took my car over to Chris for a detail recently, I had to have the car back the same day so I wasn’t expecting too much but was I in for a shock. The car had been enhanced to a standard id not seen before. I decided to place the car on a monthly maintenance plan and I now visit the studio once per month and my car always looks great. Chris’s knowledge is excellent and he is always very helpful. I would highly recommend a visit to Griffiths Detailing.

Linzi (Chester)

My husband always gets his vehicle cleaned by Chris and mine is normally left for months without being touched, but i collected my new car and decided I would have it looking great. I contacted Chris who recommended a new car protection detail. I was stunned when shown how bad the paintwork was even though it was brand new. After 2 days with Chris it looked a million times better.

Steven (Liverpool)

I have used Griffiths Detailing for just over 3 years now, initially I just got my car valeted on a fortnightly basis, after seeing some of the detailing and paint correction work Chris was doing I thought I would give it a go. The car now looks as perfect as it possibly could and everyone comments on it. I recommend Chris to everyone I know, Thanks Chris

Clive (Sheffield)

I took my car to Chris, as the 23 year old paint was looking well but a little jaded. i was not expecting too much as it looked lovely after a polish but after 5 days of chris working on the paint work I was totally shocked to see the car looking like new! I was so impressed and the reaction from SCD club members and the public was unbelievable!!! i couldnt fill up at petol stations without several drivers coming over and admiring the car-they couldnt believe the paintwork was 23 yrs old !! I am now a believer in having your pride and joy professionally detailed, as it transforms the car completely. I wouldnt hesitate in recommending Griffiths Detailing and will continue to use them each time

Mr Richard Bromley (Manchester)

I’ve had my CS now for 3 years and although I had regularly cleaned and waxed her the inevitably swirl marks and minor scratches had appeared. Having heard of Chris’s work and after speaking to him he recommended a full paint correction and then a ceramic coating be applied to the car. This gives 2 years protection and makes the car really easy to clean and protects the paint work from swirls and scratches. I was very impressed with the finsh and even 3 months later the car looks freshly detailed. I would recommend Chris to anyone who likes there car to look its best.


Thanks for the great work on my Ferrari 355. Considering this was a basic detail due to time restrictions of how long you had the car for I was blown away with the results. One of the best things is how quickly it is to clean now. The dirt just falls off! I thought the paintwork was pretty good on my car to start with, but the final result was very noticeable!

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